Our Singles Events Recipe

Reno's Dating Events is the best place for singles who are looking to find love and companionship. Our events take away the stress and hassle that often comes with dating and creates an atmosphere that's fun for everyone who attends. We have developed a unique event format that offers something new and exciting for singles in the Reno area and finally provides a great alternative to the online dating scene. Whether it's a fun twist on speed dating, group social interaction or game play with partners, our singles events put the fun back into dating! 


When it comes to our dating event locations, we use several different venues throughout the Reno city area.  Within each venue, we look for places that offer privacy and have an atmosphere that's relaxed for everyone attending. Most of our locations will have a full service bar, so feel free to order a drink before the event starts and settle in for a great night with other singles.

Overall, we take pride in making sure each singles event is a great experience for everyone and will help people find that special love connection. There's an old saying that "dating is a numbers game when it comes to finding true love."  Well without question, our singles events can fill that numbers gap and provides the best environment for people to find chemistry and companionship, all in one night.

About Us

Our Format


Whether it's putting a fun twist on a popular game or creating a unique version of speed dating, our format is sure to make the night exciting for everyone involved.  We use a methodology that differs from traditional singles dating events and something we hope everyone will love being a part of.  

Our Goal


In a world where computers and phone apps have become the new norm for finding love, our goal is to bring back the true way chemistry and relationships are found with couples.  We take pride in offering events with real face to face connections and developing relationships that can last a lifetime.

Our Committment


Even though we can't promise that everyone will be successful at one of our events, our commitment will always be to provide the best environments for singles to connect. These events offer the perfect scenario for those looking to find like minded singles and finally cut away from the online dating scene and singles bars.