Upcoming Events

  • Reno has been a city craving for new alternatives to the singles dating market. Our new singles dating events will help close the gap for people wanting face to face interactions and breaking away from the online dating and bar scene. We have created many different events that are solely catered to singles and finally bringing the fun back into dating.

  • All of our singles dating events are posted in the Events tab section at the top of the website. We are always looking to create new events for singles and find better ways to bring people together that are looking for love. So be sure to check our website for updates on what's new for singles dating events in Reno.


  • 1)  What are singles dating events and mixers like?
  • 2)  How long does each singles event last?
  • 3)  What are the age groups offered at these events?
  • 4)  How many singles will be at each each event?
  • 5)  Do our events offer privacy at each venue?
  • 6)  What if I am a shy person and get nervous easily?
  • 7)  What if I didn't connect with anyone at an event?
  • 8)  What is the ratio of men to women at our events?
  • 9)  What should I wear to any of singles event?
  • 10)  What if I make a connection at an event?
  • 11)  Do we offer events for Senior Singles?
  • 12)  Do any of your events provide food and alcohol?
  • 13)  How do I pay for any event on the website?
  • 14)  Are there any money back guarantees or refunds with our events?


  • 1)  We provide events and mixers that give people a real chance at finding love and companionship. These events are the perfect combination of fun games, social interaction and a unique twist on speed dating....all wrapped into one night!  All of our events are catered to singles only and offers a great environment for those looking to meet like minded people.

  • 2)  Each event is different, but they generally last 1-1/2 hours for the smaller events and 2 hours for Mixers. The start times are posted under each event listing.

  • 3)  We have just about every age group covered for our singles events. The ages range from people who just turned 21, to those individuals in their 60's +.  We have customized each age group to give people more flexibility when trying to choose an event that best fits their needs. These age categories are only generalized guidelines for everyone and we just ask that you please be within a year of the age group parameters.  

  •  4)  Under each singles event listing, we show the total number of seats available and how many singles can join the event. If the event completely sells out, we will provide a waiting list for people to join, just in case any cancellations happen before the event date. Our singles events will generally hold anywhere from 24 people, to as many as 60 singles for the larger mixer events. If we run into a case where a low turn out might develop for a particular event, we will immediately notify everyone who already purchased a ticket. In most instances, we would simply push back the event a few days to allow more time for the seats to fill up. If at that point, we are still not getting enough people to sign up for the event, we would simply offer a refund or credit voucher to another upcoming event of your choice. 

  • 5)  Yes, each event will take place in a secluded section of the bar, lounge, restaurant, etc., and highly value privacy at all of our events.  We try our best to make each event a private affair at any venue location we book.

  • 6)  Our unique event format does a great job in helping take away the nervousness and anxiety that often comes with meeting new people.  In a way, these events create an even playing field for all singles because every person is given the same opportunity at finding love once they walk into our venue! And whether or not someone is shy or outgoing, we always cater our events to fit all types of personalities. Our format keeps a great flow throughout the event and makes sure everyone is comfortable and having a fun. 

  • 7)  Unfortunately, we can't guarantee any person a date or match at the end of our events, but we certainly try our hardest to give everyone the best chance for success. Dating is not a perfect science or a scratch off ticket where everyone is guaranteed to win the first time they play. But with our unique event structure, we certainly increase those odds and allow for a better connection in finding love.

  • 8)  We try to keep a 50/50 ratio of women to men at all of our events.  If we are finding that one gender is over balancing another during our event signup period, we will simply close the sales to that particular gender and allow signups for the other side to catch up. This will generally balance out the ratio quickly. 

  • 9)  Dressing nice/casual is always a good idea at any of our events.  So for anyone that might be looking to wear shorts and a tee shirt, we'll go out on a limb and say that's probably not the smartest thing for you to do! lol We would suggest finding something appropriate to wear that makes a good first impression.

  •  10)  At the end of each event, we supply everyone with a card to fill out and probably takes less than two minutes to complete. This helps us determine who you connected with at the event and whether or not there was a mutual connection with those other singles.  After the conclusion of the event, we will email everyone within 24 hours with all of their matches and contact information for those singles. At each event, we will go into more detail about this and share the fun part of setting up dates after the event has concluded.

  • 11)  Yes, we offer many dating events for single Seniors. These events are listed under our "Events" tab at the top of the website and all incorporate the same formats as our other events.  We try to cater to all of Reno's dating singles that are looking for love and companionship.

  • 12)  For all of our mixer events, we do provide appetizers and snacks, along with non-alcoholic beverages for everyone. Those are all included in the price of the mixer event ticket. As for any alcoholic beverages, the event will have a full service bar where people can purchase any drinks or cocktails of their choice. But please note that there is a strict limit of 2 drinks per person at any event we offer. We simply don't want these events to become unsafe or get out of control, as a result of excess drinking from our guests. 

  • When it comes to our other events, food and non alcoholic beverages are not provided within the ticket cost. But there is always a full service bar located inside the venue common area, so feel free to purchase drinks before the event starts. And again, please note that there is only a 2 drink limit at the event.

  • 13)  Any event can be paid for by credit card or PayPal.  We will not keep any credit cards or PayPal account numbers on file and our payment system is encrypted to ensure safe processing.  There will only be one charge made to your card or PayPal account, unless you have signed up for more than one event.

  • 14)  We do not offer any money back guarantees and please note that full refunds will only be given if you cancel at least 48 hours before the scheduled event date. This policy will help avoid situations where the event becomes unbalanced due to people cancelling at the last minute.  All other refunds will be given in the form of credit vouchers, which can be used for any upcoming event of the same price. And if a particular event doesn't help find that special connection for you, keep in mind that we offer many other types of venues that might provide better results. We are always adding new events to our calendar and ways to search for more ways to connect singles in Reno.