How Our Singles Dating Events Work

With every singles dating event we offer, our main focus is to provide singles with real face to face connections and create an environment that's best for finding true success in love. All of our events use a tailored format that include activities such as fun game play with partners, group social interaction and a unique twist on speed dating.....all wrapped into one night! And with so many different people and personalities coming together for one event, we strive to maintain good chemistry throughout the evening.  Overall, we feel this is one of the major reasons why we have such high success rates at our events and lends to easier connections among singles.

Within each event, a typical night will last anywhere from 1 hour and 30 minutes long, to a full 2 hours for our mixer style events. We will always give everyone an equal chance to meet and talk (one on one) with all of the singles at the event and interact as partners. Our unique structure helps create special connections and compatibility that you just can't find with any other dating platform.  And when the event night is over, we have everyone fill out a short summary card to let us know who their strongest connections were for the event. After we review and process each of these cards, an email will be sent out within 24 hours to provide everyone with their matches from the event.  

Overall, our dating events provide the perfect environment for singles to get together and start their journey with finding love. We pride ourselves on making these events fun for everyone who attends and a keeping a format that is proven to help singles find their match. So come see for yourself and finally cut the computer cord for a more realistic approach to dating.